How does it work

Each affiliate has a referral code, generated automatically from our system. You can get your personal code from the affiliate area. You can link an image or a button on your website, with your personal referral code or use your own banners or creatives. When a user buy any product or membership from your link, you are entitled to a 25% affiliate commission. For example, if an user buys a product valued $47, your commission is $11.75. Not all products are available in affiliate program, we reserve the rights to change affiliate commission amount for any product at any time.

30 Days Affiliate Cookie

We use cookies to track users that reach our store from your referral link. If your users do not allow or clear cookies, we won’t be able to track your affiliate link and we won’t be able to pay your commission. The installed cookie on the user browser expires after 30 days. During this time, for each sale from your referral code, you are entitled to receive a commission.

If the same user comes to our store, with different referral codes, the last referrer is entitled for the commission.

In order to be entitled to the commission, users that buy through your affiliate link must not be related to you or to your company and you can’t use your referral code to purchase our products. Each attempt will be locked from our Affiliate system.

Payment Methods

We make the payment via Paypal. The payment of your commission is made on Net 30 basis i.e. Commission for the sale generated between 1st Apr – 30th Apr will be paid on May 31st. If the payment day happens to be holiday, you will receive the payment the first following working day available. Any possible expense for payment, like PayPal commissions, will be charged to you. We are not responsible for currency conversion of your earning, from USD to your favorite currency.

Minimum amount required for commission withdrawal is $50.

If any of the purchases related to your affiliate earnings is subject to refund or chargeback, we will withdraw also the concerned commission from your Affiliate earnings.

Note: Indian affiliates will be paid via NEFT or check.

Protection of the users

You may not confuse users about the fact that your website is managed or authorized by us (e.g. by emulating graphic elements from our website). You may not purchase a domain or search engine keywords nor pay-per-click advertisements that use our name. Any action that can be a law violation, including spam, privacy, intellectual property violations, fraud, confusing actions for new users or links purposely made to deceive customers.

We reserve the right to decide whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program complies with GPLGuru Affiliate Program Terms or with GPLGuru Terms and Conditions. If we decide that your participation in the Affiliate Program does not comply, after official communication, we can withdraw your earnings and may disable your account.