Updates – 15 Jan 2018

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have updated the following products

Active members can download these updated products by logging into your account & going to downloads page. If you have purchased Individual products you can login into your account & go to my accounts page for downloads.


Premium WordPress Themes

StudioPress Hello Pro Genesis WordPress Theme Version 2.1.0
ThemeIsle Adrenaline WordPress Theme Version 1.6.4
ThemeIsle Amadeus Pro WordPress Theme Version 1.5.3
ThemeIsle Belise WordPress Theme Version 1.0.10
ThemeIsle Bolts WordPress Theme Version 1.7.1
ThemeIsle Bookrev WordPress Theme Version 1.1.6
ThemeIsle Broadsheet WordPress Theme Version 1.8.2 new!
ThemeIsle Carmack WordPress Theme Version 2.8.3 new!
ThemeIsle Constructzine WordPress Theme Version 1.1.11
ThemeIsle ConsultPress WordPress Theme Version 1.5.0
ThemeIsle Didi WordPress Theme Version 1.1.1
ThemeIsle GymPress WordPress Theme Version 1.2.0
ThemeIsle Hestia Pro WordPress Theme Version 1.1.59
ThemeIsle LegalPress WordPress Theme Version 2.2.3
ThemeIsle Liber WordPress Theme Version 1.1.1
ThemeIsle MedicPress WordPress Theme Version 1.7.0
ThemeIsle Puzzle WordPress Theme Version 1.13 new!
ThemeIsle Readable WordPress Theme Version 2.1.2 new!
ThemeIsle Rokophoto WordPress Theme Version 1.1.16
ThemeIsle Romero WordPress Theme Version 1.5.3 new!
ThemeIsle Veggie WordPress Theme Version 1.1.1
ThemeIsle Zeko WordPress Theme Version 1.1.0
WPZoom Inspiro WordPress Theme Version 5.0.7
WPZoom Reel WordPress Theme Version 1.0.1
WPZoom VideoBox WordPress Theme Version 2.1.0

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Premium WordPress Plugins

Admin Columns Pro WordPress Toolbar Editor Addon Version 1.2.2
Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers Version 1.0.8
Elementor Extras WordPress Plugin Version 1.7.1
GeneratePress Extender By CobaltApps Version 1.0.3 new!
Give Fee Recovery Addon Version 1.3.8
Give GoCardless Gateway Addon Version 1.1.1
Give Recurring Donations Addon Version 1.5.4
Gravity Perks Limit Submissions Plugin Version 1.0-beta-1 new!
Gravity Perks Nested Forms Plugin Version 1.0-beta-4 new!
MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension Version 4.2
MainWP BackUpWordPress Extension Version 1.4
MainWP BackWPup Extension Version 1.3
MainWP Broken Links Checker Extension Version 1.3 new!
MainWP Buddy Extension Version 1.3
MainWP Client Reports Extension Version 2.2
MainWP File Uploader Extension Version 1.4
MainWP iThemes Security Extension Version 1.5
MainWP Piwik Extension Version 1.3
MainWP Post Dripper Extension Version 1.1
MainWP UpdraftPlus Extension Version 1.5
Page Builder Framework Premium Addon Version
ProjectHuddle WordPress Plugin Version
ThemeIsle Azera Shop Plus WordPress Plugin Version 1.4.2 new!
ThemeIsle Easy Content Types WordPress Plugin Version 3.2.0 new!
ThemeIsle Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin Version 1.5.2 new!
ThemeIsle Flat Plus WordPress Plugin Version 1.0.0 new!
ThemeIsle Intergeo Maps Pro Plugin Version 1.4.2
ThemeIsle Llorix One Plus WordPress Plugin Version 1.4.2 new!
ThemeIsle Metro CustomizR WordPress Plugin Version 1.0.0 new!
ThemeIsle Nivo Slider Plugin Version 3.1.1
ThemeIsle Parallax One Plus WordPress Plugin Version 1.4.2 new!
ThemeIsle Pirate Forms Pro Plugin Version 1.5.1
ThemeIsle Revive old post Pro Add-on WordPress Plugin Version 1.9.1 new!
ThemeIsle Visualizer Charts and Graphs WordPress Plugin Version 1.7.3 new!
ThemeIsle WP Product Review Plugin Version 2.1.3
ThemeIsle WPPR Related Reviews WordPress Plugin Version 1.2.1 new!
Themify Post Type Builder Submissions Addon Version 1.2.2
Thrive Architect Plugin / Visual Editor Plugin Version 2.0.19
Thrive Themes Apprentice Plugin Version 2.0.23
Thrive Themes Leads Plugin Version 2.0.20
Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin Version 2.0.19
Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin Version 2.0.19
WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Method Version 2.5.5
WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget Version 1.6.7
WooCommerce FreshDesk Version 1.1.12
WooCommerce Pre Orders Version 1.5.6
WooCommerce PsiGate Payment Gateway Version 1.4.3 new!
WooCommerce Quick View Version 1.1.11
WooCommerce Subscriptions Downloads Version 1.1.14
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Version 3.0.6
WP Job Manager Listing Payments Version 2.2.0 new!
WPMU DEV WP Smush WordPress Plugin Version 2.7.6 new!
YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Premium Version 1.0.0 new!