Updates – 25 Aug 2016

We have updated the following products:-

Premium WordPress Themes

Themify Peak WordPress Theme 1.0.3
Themify Stack WordPress Theme 1.3.4
Themify Ultra WordPress Theme 1.4.8
Graph Paper Press Qua WordPress Theme 1.0.4
Graph Paper Press Stock Photography WordPress Theme 1.3.1
Elegant Themes eList WordPress Theme 3.0.6
Elegant Themes Event WordPress Theme 3.8.6
Elegant Themes Explorable WordPress Theme 1.9.7
Elegant Themes MyCuisine WordPress Theme 3.7.6
Elegant Themes SimplePress WordPress Theme 5.5.6

Premium WordPress Plugins

Themify Builder Maps Pro Addon 1.1.4
Themify Builder Pointers Addon 1.1.0
Themify Builder Tiles Addon 1.2.3
Themify Builder WordPress Plugin 1.8.9
Themify Post Type Builder Extra Fields Addon 1.1.0
Themify Post Type Builder Search Addon 1.0.1
Themify Post Type Builder Submissions Addon 1.0.6
Themify Post Type Builder WordPress Plugin 1.2.1
Themify Tiles WordPress Plugin 1.1.1
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Stripe Addon 2.1.6
WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation 1.4.9
WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier 1.1.0
Elegant Themes Bloom Email Opt-Ins 1.1.8
Elegant Themes Shortcodes Plugin 3
Elegant Themes Monarch Social Sharing Plugin 1.3.2