Updates – 26 Sep 2018

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have updated the following products

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Premium WordPress Plugins

Admin Columns Pro Events Calendar Addon Version 1.2.2
Admin Columns Pro WordPress Plugin Version 4.3.8
Astra Pro WordPress Plugin Version 1.6.0
Beaver Builder Pro – WordPress Page Builder Version 2.1.5
Gravity Flow WordPress Plugin Version 2.3.1
Schema Pro WordPress Plugin Version 1.1.8
Set of Tools Framework Installer WordPress Plugin Version 3.1.1
Set of Tools Maps WordPress Plugin Version 1.5.3
Set of Tools Module Manager WordPress Plugin Version 1.8
Set of Tools Views WordPress Plugin Version
Storefront Powerpack Version 1.4.12
Thrive Themes Apprentice Plugin Version 2.0.53
Thrive Themes Architect Plugin / Visual Editor Plugin Version 2.0.51
Thrive Themes Comments Plugin Version 1.1.0
Thrive Themes Leads Plugin Version 2.0.51
Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin Version 2.0.19
Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin Version 2.0.51
Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin Version 2.0.53
Wallace Inline WordPress Plugin Version 1.2.7
WooCommerce 360 Image Version 1.1.7
WooCommerce Account Funds Version 2.1.12
WooCommerce Anti Fraud Version 1.0.16
WooCommerce Box Office Version 1.1.11
WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management Version 2.2.14
WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns and Tracking Version 1.1.5
WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget Version 1.6.12
WooCommerce Email Customizer Version 1.1.9
WooCommerce Follow up Emails Version 4.8.1
WooCommerce Force Sells Version 1.1.17
WooCommerce Google Product Feed Version 7.6.3
WooCommerce PDF Watermark Version 1.1.7
WooCommerce Pre Orders Version 1.5.10
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Version 1.10.20
WooCommerce Product Finder Version 1.2.6
WooCommerce Product Vendors Version 2.1.9
WooCommerce Products Compare Version 1.0.11
WooCommerce Review For Discount Version 1.6.7
WooCommerce SagePay Form Gateway Version 3.12.3
WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro Version 1.2.9
WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses Version 3.6.5
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Version 1.6.12
WooCommerce Shipping Per Product Version 2.2.15
WooCommerce Splash Popup Version 1.2.8
WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 2.3.7
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Version 3.0.10
WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method Version 3.2.13
WooCommerce WooSlider Products Slideshow Version 1.0.12
WordPress Local SEO for WooCommerce Version 8.3.0
WordPress SEO By Yoast The Premium Plugin Version 8.3.0
WordPress SEO Premium Local Plugin Version 8.3.0
WordPress SEO Premium News Plugin Version 8.3.0
WordPress SEO Premium Video Plugin Version 8.3.0
WordPress SEO Premium WooCommerce Plugin Version 8.3.0
WP All Import WooCommerce Addon Version 3.0.2
WPMU DEV Hustle WordPress Plugin Version 3.0.5
YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Premium Version 2.3.3
YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium Version 1.4.6
YITH WooCommerce Infinite Scrolling Premium Version 1.1.5
YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity Premium Version Version 1.3.3
YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium Version 3.2.2
YITH WooCommerce One Click Checkout Premium Version 1.3.3
YITH WooCommerce Product AddOns Premium Version 1.5.9
YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel Premium Version 1.0.25
YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Premium Version 2.0.12
YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Premium Version 1.1.6
YITH WooCommerce Subscription Premium Version 1.4.9