WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage 2.1.22 Version 2.7.1

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Amazon S3 serve your digital products downloads or host your images and files on the cloud via Amazons S3
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WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage

The Amazon S3 Storage plugin for WooCommerce enables you to serve digital products through your Amazon AWS S3 service. Amazon S3 Storage is fully automated allowing you to simply specify the bucket and object name of your file using shortcodes in the download file paths, and when a customer downloads their purchase the extension will translate this into a Amazon S3 URL and serve that file as the download.

Using Amazon S3 storage to serve your digital products give you room for better scalability, offers more reliability, specially when serving big files, and greater download speeds for your customers.

The Amazon S3 extension for WooCommerce also support multiple buckets within one product so you can easily provide download access to files stored on different Amazon buckets when purchasing one product.

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WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage 2.1.22 Version 2.7.1

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