WooCommerce Chained Products Version 3.5.0

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Create and sell pre-configured product bundles and discounted combos. Sell like a boss.
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Product Description

You are losing 40% sales if you are not selling product combos and bundles yet. Offering a bundle of your products at a lucrative discount is the easiest method to great sales in any store and research has proven this across a variety of businesses physical products, digital downloads or memberships.

We have all picked up discounted bundles of products when we go grocery shopping. Even when we dont want them; we have either bought bigger quantities or multiple product bundles.

Its time you start upping your profits by offering irresistible pre-configured product bundles!

How can Chained Products help sell product bundles?

Chained Products is the best WooCommerce extension to create pre-configured product bundles and offers. When someone buys your main product, they get all the chained products automatically. You can create a bundle of multiple simple or variable products and chain as many products together as you like. Or give additional products for free (as a gift) while purchasing a main product. You can even combine multiple chained products to create massive combo deals.

5 Steps to Creating Super Hit Combo Products

  1. Select the products you want to bundle together higher quantities or multiple products
  2. Price aggressively simple mental math should prove this is an irresistible offer
  3. Describe value of buying this combo, the benefit customers will derive from it
  4. Prominently showcase your bundle and invite people to buy the bundle instead of single product
  5. Create scarcity for extra impact time, inventory or usage limit works great

Why does Chained Products give stellar results?

There is certainly the more bang for the buck aspect. But chained product bundles also provide works great with and get add ons for free with main product cross sell opportunities. They trigger fundamental human behavior to select an item with higher perceived value.

Plus: Chained Products works great because it lets you create pre configured product bundles and gifts. Customers dont get confused picking options and focus their attention on the value a bundle generates for them. This improves conversion rates and greatly increases overall sales

How does Chained Products handle product bundling / gifting?

  • Edit a product and go to the Linked Products tab.
  • Link as many products as you want to create a bundle. You can pick up variations and even select quantities.
  • This way you can create bundles as well as bulk discount offers Buy One Get One / Buy 1 Get X / Buy X For $$
  • Now setup a price for your main product. This is the price customers pay to get the whole pack.
  • When people add the main product to cart, cart will show main product and all linked products. But only the main product will have a price. Rest items will show $0? as their price.
  • When order is paid, Chained Products also takes care of managing inventory and granting access to digital downloads.

Smart Strategies for Customer Value Optimization using Chained Products WooCommerce plugin

Increase Perceived Value with multi product bundles

Combine a few high value, relevant products together and sell them at a big discount. 15-20% works well for physical products. Go 35% for digital downloads.

Create Unmissable bargains with higher quantities

Encourage people to buy more. Create a bundle of 5 quantities of an item at a great bargain. Your customers will surely grab them all!

Consider upgrading to the bundle / higher plan tactic

Create a bundle of smaller, but highly useful products for someone whos buying your main product. Or a higher priced bundle that includes a pro version of this product with some additional goodies.

Upsell a highly profitable product on My Account

Create a chained product bundle of high profit items and show them on the My Account page with the chained product shortcode. This is a superb upsell.

Invoke reciprocity by throwing in an unexpected gift

Dont tell people youd give them something extra, but go ahead and give them an unexpected gift on product purchase. Then follow it up with another bundle / offer. The surprise will create reciprocity and prompt them to return the favor!

Create a graphic for the bundle and show it prominently

A graphical representation of so many things you get in this combo creates a much better sensory appeal. Make sure to position this graphic at strategic locations in the funnel to increase conversions.


Everyones happy with Chained Products! Dont wait longer, buy it and start growing your sales!

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