WooCommerce Product Bundles Version 7.2.0

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Create and offer highly configurable product bundles, kits and assemblies that consist of simple and variable items both physical and downloadable.
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Product Description

Create configurable product bundles and kits by combining simple and variable products with this Woocommerce extension

WooCommerce product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies: Bundle a few products together, sell them at a discount price and watch the sales go up! However, product bundling is not all about boosting sales: Product grouping is a very common way to create complex products, product kits or assemblies that consist of multiple parts. Often, these parts may need to be stock-managed individually, bundled in multiples, or even be entirely optional.

Product Bundles is probably the most straightforward WooCommerce extension for creating simple product packages: With Bundles you can quickly build complex products and create bulk discount combos by mixing simple and variable products. Downloadable and virtual products are also supported, while Product Bundles support many popular WooCommerce extensions, such as Product Add-ons, Subscriptions and Composite Products. Regardless of what you are planning to bundle, the extension gives you all the pricing and shipping flexibility you need to get those products out there!

WooCommerce Product Bundles Features

  • Create and sell product packages by bundling simple, variable or even downloadable products together.
  • Bundle simple subscriptions with physical products.
  • Bundled product sales are inventory-managed just like standalone sales, while the Bundle product type can be stock-managed, too.
  • Every product in a Bundle may have its own quantity and discount, while bundled products can be entirely optional.
  • Simple and variable products can be bundled in multiple instances, making it possible to create simple bulk discounts for optional bundled up-sells.
  • Variable bundled items can be customized down to the last detail, by:
    • Filtering out specific variations.
    • Overriding their default front-end selections.
  • The presentation of bundled items can be customized individually by:
    • Showing or hiding bundled product images.
    • Overriding the default product titles.
    • Overriding the default product short descriptions.
  • Pricing flexibility: Bundles can have a static or content-based price, which may include individual bundled product discounts.
  • Shipping flexibility: Bundled products can be shipped together in one package, shipped individually, or not shipped at all.
  • Streamlined interface, fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • Support for the most popular, official WooCommerce extensions such as Product Add-ons, Subscriptions and Composite Products.
  • Easy to follow, complete documentation with clear examples and solutions to the most frequently asked questions.


The Product Bundles extension is ideal for creating non-componentized, static product packages. Any products grouped in a Bundle cannot be further divided in subgroups, while all bundled products and their quantities are defined when a Bundle is created. A good degree of flexibility is provided by allowing any bundled product to be marked as optional. However, if the Kit, Assembly or Combo that you want to build consists of discrete components with dynamic, user-configurable product content, then the Composite Products extension might be a better option. WooCommerce provides even more ways to sell products in bundles, such as Grouped Products, Chained Products and Force Sells: Before deciding which is best for your particular application, it is advised to study all available documentation and always keep an eye out for new extension features.

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WooCommerce Product Bundles Version 7.2.0

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