WooCommerce RedSys Gateway Version 25.0.2

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Allow customers to check out and pay via RedSys (the Servired / Sermepa successor) on your WooCommerce store.
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Product Description

Redsys the is the most used gateway in Spain (98%).

This extensión add the ability to use Redsys Gateway and Iupay Gateway. Iupay Gateway is the new Redsys Gateway similar to Paypal. Use a second terminal number is allowed by this extension. It is WPML compatible

Too the extension add sequential invoice number to every paid order. This is essential in Spain. The spanish law is very strict with this. If you don’t have sequential invoice numbers, you can have a very big problem.

A CSV exported is included, so you can export all orders to a CSV file and import it to an Excel. You can use this file for sent the orders, or use for accounting.

Pasarela de pago Redsys para WooCommerce.

Redsys es la pasarela de pago más usada en España (98%). Gracias a esta extensión obtendrás Redsys, Iupay, Nemeros secuenciales de facturas, y exportador CSV.

Esta extensión añade la posibilidad de usar la pasarela de pago Redsys y la pasarela de Pago Iupay a WooCommerce. Iupay es la nueva pasarela creada por Redsys y que su funcionamiento es similar a Paypal. Es totalmente compatible con WPML.

WooCommerce RedSys LuPay Gateway Integration

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WooCommerce RedSys Gateway Version 25.0.2

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