WooCommerce Waitlist Version 2.4.12

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With WooCommerce Waitlist customers can register for email notifications when out-of-stock products become available.
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Product Description

Woocommerce extension Waitlist Keep customers happy with back-in-stock notifications

Automatically notify people when a product is available

The WooCommerce Waitlist extension lets you track demand for out-of-stock and backordered items, making sure your customers feel informed, and therefore more likely to buy.

Using a simple plugin, you can build up a waiting list of people wanting the unavailable item, then notify these customers automatically when products come back in.

Setup in seconds

Its really easy to install and will instantly start turning those missed opportunities into future sales.

Customers register for an email alert to let them know when a product is back in stock, making it more likely they’ll wait and shop with you instead of going to a competitor.

It makes them feel valued by your business, and allows you to replenish stock intelligently based on demand.

Key features

  • allow customers to be notified when they can purchase an item that is currently out-of-stock
  • easily identify most wanted products to prioritize re-stocking
  • plug-and-play functionality just install, activate and go!

 Examples of waitlist enabled product listings for the different types of product

How it works

It takes just seconds for customers to join a waiting list via a button on the product listing on your WooCommerce store.

As soon as you update your stock numbers on the site, everyone on the list automatically gets an email with a link to the product, making it super-simple for them to buy.

WooCommerce Waitlist fully supports simple products, product variations and the children of grouped products, examples of which can be seen above.

See whos waiting for what

With WooCommerce Waitlist, shop managers can sort products by the number of customers on their waiting list. This allows them to quickly prioritise which products to re-stock.

Shop managers can also view, manage and contact those on the waiting list for each product directly from the Edit Product screen through a custom meta-box. (see left)

Extend and customise

The default setup is plug and play, but WooCommerce Waitlist adds a large number of WordPress action and filter hooks allowing you to customise it to suit your exact needs (See documentation for more information). Customisations include:

  • Choose the wording for notification emails
  • Tweak the design of join waiting list buttons
  • Hook in extra functionality when users are added to a waiting list

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WooCommerce Waitlist Version 2.4.12

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