Updates – 03 Nov 2017

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have updated the following products

Active members can download these updated products by logging into your account & going to downloads page. If you have purchased Individual products you can login into your account & go to my accounts page for downloads.


Premium WordPress Themes

MyThemeShop Entrepreneurship WordPress Theme Version 1.0.13
Themify Agency WordPress Theme Version 1.9.2
Themify Bizco WordPress Theme Version 2.1.2
Themify Bold WordPress Theme Version 1.8.5
Themify Corporate WordPress Theme Version 1.6.1
Themify Elegant WordPress Theme Version 1.4.6
Themify Elemin WordPress Theme Version 2.0.9
Themify Event WordPress Theme Version 1.7.3
Themify Flat WordPress Theme Version 2.6.6
Themify Flatshop WooCommerce Theme Version 1.9.7
Themify Float WordPress Theme Version 1.1.9
Themify Fullpane WordPress Theme Version 1.9.7
Themify Fullscreen WordPress Theme Version 1.9.1
Themify Funki WordPress Theme Version 2.0.6
Themify Grido WordPress Theme Version 1.9.6
Themify Infinite WordPress Theme Version 1.3.3
Themify Landing WordPress Theme Version 1.4.5
Themify Magazine WordPress Theme Version 1.8.3
Themify Metro WordPress Theme Version 2.1.3
Themify Minblr WordPress Theme Version 2.0.7
Themify Minshop WooCommerce Theme Version 2.1.4
Themify Music WordPress Theme Version 1.7.7
Themify Notes WordPress Theme Version 1.7.9
Themify Parallax WordPress Theme Version 2.3.4
Themify Peak WordPress Theme Version 1.2.2
Themify Phototouch WordPress Theme Version 1.8.5
Themify Pinboard WordPress Theme Version 3.1.0
Themify Pinshop WooCommerce Theme Version 2.2.0
Themify Postline WordPress Theme Version 1.9.6
Themify Responz WordPress Theme Version 1.8.9
Themify Shopdock WooCommerce Theme Version 2.1.6
Themify Shoppe WordPress Theme Version 1.1.5
Themify Simfo WordPress Theme Version 1.9.1
Themify Split WordPress Theme Version 1.5.3
Themify Stack WordPress Theme Version 1.5.2
Themify Suco WordPress Theme Version 2.0.3
Themify Thememin WordPress Theme Version 2.2.6
Themify Tisa WordPress Theme Version 1.9.4
Themify Ultra WordPress Theme Version 1.8.7
Yithemes Jewelry Shop – Premium Theme Version 1.5.2

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Premium WordPress Plugins

AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking Version 1.1.2
AffiliateWP Order Details For Affiliates Addon Version 1.1.5
AffiliateWP Show Affiliate Coupons Addon Version 1.0.6
AnyWhere Elementor Pro WordPress Plugin Version 2.4.1
Beaver Builder Pro – WordPress Page Builder Version 2.0.0
Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet Version 1.4
Easy Digital Downloads Manual Purchases Version 2.0.5
FacetWP WordPress Plugin Version 3.0.7
iThemes Security Pro Version 4.6.3
MemberPress Corporate Accounts Addon Version 1.1.7
MemberPress WordPress Plugin Version 1.3.18
Modern Tribe The Events Calender PRO WordPress Plugin Version 4.4.19
MyThemeShop WP Subscribe Pro Plugin Version 1.5.17
Themify Builder AB Image Addon Version 1.1.1
Themify Builder Audio Addon Version 1.1.6
Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon Version 1.0.7
Themify Builder BG Video Slider Addon Version 1.0.4
Themify Builder Button Addon Version 1.2.0
Themify Builder Contact Addon Version 1.1.7
Themify Builder Content Restriction Addon Version 1.0.7
Themify Builder Countdown Addon Version 1.1.3
Themify Builder Counter Addon Version 1.1.5
Themify Builder FitText Addon Version 1.1.2
Themify Builder Image Pro Addon Version 1.1.7
Themify Builder Infinite Background Addon Version 1.0.9
Themify Builder Infinite Posts Addon Version 1.0.5
Themify Builder Maps Pro Addon Version 1.2.3
Themify Builder Pointers Addon Version 1.1.3
Themify Builder Pricing Table Addon Version 1.1.0
Themify Builder Progress Bar Addon Version 1.1.3
Themify Builder Slider Pro Addon Version 1.1.8
Themify Builder Slideshow Addon Version 1.0.3
Themify Builder Tiles Addon Version 1.3.1
Themify Builder Timeline Addon Version 1.1.4
Themify Builder Typewriter Addon Version 1.0.5
Themify Builder WooCommerce Addon Version 1.2.0
WooCommerce Bookings Version 1.10.9
WooCommerce Composite Products Version 3.12.4
WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export Version 4.4.0
WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite Version 2.3.0
WooCommerce KISSMetrics Version 1.10.1
Woocommerce Klarna Gateway Version 2.5.3
WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Version 2.3.1
WooCommerce Memberships Version 1.9.3
WooCommerce Points and Rewards Version 1.6.8
WooCommerce Product Bundles Version 5.5.3
WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 2.2.14
WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Version 1.9.1
WooThemes Sensei Certificates Extension Version 1.0.17
WooThemes Sensei LMS Learning Management WordPress Premium Plugin Version 1.9.18
WordPress Multilingual Sitepress Multilingual CMS Core Plugin Version 3.8.4
WordPress Multilingual String Translation Addon Version 2.6.3
WordPress Multilingual Translation Management Addon Version 2.4.3