Updates – 04 Mar 2017

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have added & updated the following products

Active members can download these updated products by logging into your account & going to downloads page. If you have purchased Individual products you can login into your account & go to my accounts page for downloads.


Premium WordPress Themes

MyThemeShop Coupon WordPress Theme Version 1.0.7
MyThemeShop WooShop WordPress Theme Version 1.0.4
MyThemeShop Builders WordPress Theme Version 1.1.9
MyThemeShop MyBlog WordPress Theme Version 1.0.5
MyThemeShop Schema WordPress Theme Version 3.1.8
MyThemeShop SociallyViral WordPress Theme Version 2.1.7
MyThemeShop Blogging WordPress Theme Version 2.1.3
MyThemeShop Business WordPress Theme Version 1.0.9
MyThemeShop Cool WordPress Theme Version 1.0.9
MyThemeShop Entrepreneurship WordPress Theme Version 1.0.9
MyThemeShop Interactive WordPress Theme Version 2.0.3
MyThemeShop HowTo WordPress Theme Version 1.1.2
MyThemeShop NewsOnline WordPress Theme Version 1.1.6
MyThemeShop OnePage WordPress Theme Version 1.1.5
MyThemeShop Ad-Sense WordPress Theme Version 1.1.9
MyThemeShop WooCart WordPress Theme Version 1.2.3
MyThemeShop eCommerce WordPress Theme Version 1.2.10
MyThemeShop WordX WordPress Theme Version 1.2.5
MyThemeShop JustFit WordPress Theme Version 1.2.7
MyThemeShop PointPro WordPress Theme Version 2.0.7
MyThemeShop Sensational WordPress Theme Version 3.0.2
MyThemeShop Glamour WordPress Theme Version 2.0.10
MyThemeShop Best WordPress Theme Version 2.1.2
MyThemeShop NewsPaper WordPress Theme Version 2.1.4
MyThemeShop SteadyIncome WordPress Theme Version 2.1.3
MyThemeShop Video WordPress Theme Version 2.1.5
MyThemeShop Splash WordPress Theme Version 3.0.5
MyThemeShop MagXP WordPress Theme Version 3.0.9
MyThemeShop TruePixel WordPress Theme Version 4.0.8
MyThemeShop myPortfolio WordPress Theme Version 1.0.6
MyThemeShop socialMe WordPress Theme Version 1.0.8
MyThemeShop Authority WordPress Theme Version 1.0.10
MyThemeShop MoneyFlow WordPress Theme Version 1.1.10

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Premium WordPress Plugins

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin v – 2.0.3
AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions Addon v – 1.2.3
Restrict Content Pro Rest API Version 1.0.3
Restrict Content Pro Restrict Past Content Version 1.0.1
Modern Tribe Event Tickets Plus WordPress Plugin Version 4.4.2
WooCommerce Box Office Version 1.1.2
MyThemeShop URL Shortener Pro Plugin Version 1.0.4
MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro Plugin Version 1.0.3
MyThemeShop WP Tab Widget Pro Plugin Version 1.0.4
MyThemeShop WP In Post Ads Plugin Version 1.2.0
MyThemeShop My WP Backup Pro Plugin Version 1.3.5
MyThemeShop WooCommerce Checkout Field Modifier Plugin Version 1.0.1
MyThemeShop WooCommerce Products Already Added To Cart Or Purchased Plugin Version 1.0.1
MyThemeShop WP Time To Read Plugin Version 1.0.1
MyThemeShop WP Contact Widget Plugin Version 1.0.2
MyThemeShop WP Google Translate Plugin Version 1.0.5
MyThemeShop WP Notification Bar Plugin Version 1.1.6
MyThemeShop WP Testimonials Plugin Version 1.0.6
MyThemeShop WP Subscribe Pro Plugin Version 1.4.0
MyThemeShop WP Review Pro Plugin Version 2.1.8
MyThemeShop WP Mega Menu Plugin Version 1.1.9
Gravity Perks Disable Entry Creation Plugin Version 1.0.6
Gravity Perks Limit Dates Plugin Version 1.0.3
Gravity Perks Live Preview Plugin Version 1.2.5
Gravity Perks Multi-page Form Navigation Plugin Version 1.0.beta2.11
Gravity Perks Post Content Merge Tags Plugin Version 1.0.beta1.2
Gravity Perks Preview Submission Plugin Version 1.2.6
Gravity Perks Unique ID Plugin Version 1.2.8
Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin Version 1.2.18
Gravity Perks Auto Login Plugin Version 1.3.1
Gravity Perks Comment Blacklist Plugin Version 1.2.1
Gravity Perks Conditional Logic Dates Plugin Version 1.0.beta6.4
Gravity Perks Conditional Pricing Plugin Version 1.2.26
Gravity Perks Copy Cat Plugin Version 1.4.13
Gravity Perks Email Users Plugin Version 1.3.1
Gravity Perks Expand Editor Textareas Plugin Version 1.0.2
Gravity Perks Limit Checkboxes Plugin Version 1.2.beta2.6
Gravity Perks Limit Choices Plugin Version 1.6.14
Gravity Perks PayPal One-time Fee Plugin Version 2.0.beta1.1
Gravity Perks Pay Per Word Plugin Version 1.0.7
Gravity Perks Placeholder Plugin Version 1.3.4
Gravity Perks Price Range Plugin Version 1.0.4
Gravity Perks Read Only Plugin Version 1.2.13
Gravity Perks Reload Form Plugin Version 1.1.12
Gravity Perks Terms of Service Plugin Version 1.3.4
Gravity Perks Word Count Plugin Version 1.4.4