Updates – 13 May 2017

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have updated the following products

Active members can download these updated products by logging into your account & going to downloads page. If you have purchased Individual products you can login into your account & go to my accounts page for downloads.


Premium WordPress Themes

Themify Ultra WordPress Theme Version 1.7.8
MyThemeShop Coupon WordPress Theme Version 1.1.5
MyThemeShop NewsTimes WordPress Theme Version 1.2.5
MyThemeShop Repose WordPress Theme Version 1.2.2
MyThemeShop Spike WordPress Theme Version 2.1.5
MyThemeShop Video WordPress Theme Version 2.1.7
MyThemeShop WooCart WordPress Theme Version 1.3.0
MyThemeShop Writer WordPress Theme Version 1.0.6
Thrive Themes Focusblog WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Ignition WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Luxe WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Minus WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Performag WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Pressive WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Rise WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Squared WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Storied WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27
Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme Version 1.200.27

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Premium WordPress Plugins

Gravity Forms Plugin Version
Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On Version 1.0.4
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Version 1.4.7
WP All Import Pro Plugin Version 4.4.7
YITH WooCommerce Badge Management Premium Version 1.3.3
YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium Version 1.6.6
YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping List Premium Version 1.4.13
YITH WooCommerce Popup Premium Version 1.1.1
YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium Version 1.1.24
WordPress SEO By Yoast The Premium Plugin Version 4.7.1
WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Version 1.1.1
WooCommerce Aramex Shipping Version 1.0.2
WooCommerce Bookings Version 1.10.2
WooCommerce BrainTree Gateway Version 3.3.3
WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management Version 2.2.8
WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms Version 1.5.2
WooCommerce Chained Products Version 2.5.1
WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons Version 1.10.4
WooCommerce Clockwork SMS Notifications Version 2.0.11
WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns and Tracking Version 1.0.5
WooCommerce Customer Order Coupon CSV Import Suite Version 3.3.2
WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export Version 4.3.0
WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite Version 2.2.0
WooCommerce Drip Integration Version 1.2.2
WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method Version 3.4.6
WooCommerce Google Product Feed Version 7.1.1
WooCommerce Instagram Version 1.0.12
WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers Version 3.0.5
WooCommerce PickingPal Shipping Version 1.3.0
WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses Version 3.3.24
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Version 1.6.5
WooCommerce Waitlist Version 1.5.4
Themify Post Type Builder Extra Fields Addon Version 1.1.8
Themify Post Type Builder Map View Addon Version 1.0.6
Themify Post Type Builder Relation Addon Version 1.0.7
Themify Post Type Builder Search Addon Version 1.0.8
Themify Post Type Builder Submissions Addon Version 1.1.5
Themify Post Type Builder WordPress Plugin Version 1.3.1
MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro Plugin Version 1.0.9
MyThemeShop WP Testimonials Plugin Version 1.0.7
Thrive Themes Leads Plugin Version 1.95.18
Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin Version 1.0.14
Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin Version 1.5.17
Thrive Themes Visual Editor Plugin Version 1.500.17
Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin Version 1.0.11