Updates – 17 Jan 2020

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have updated the following products

Active members can download these updated products by logging into your account & going to downloads page. If you have purchased Individual products you can login into your account & go to my accounts page for downloads.


Premium WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme Version 4.2
Elegant Themes Extra WordPress Theme Version 4.2
Themify Agency WordPress Theme Version 2.3.4
Themify Bizco WordPress Theme Version 2.5.4
Themify Bold WordPress Theme Version 2.2.7
Themify Corporate WordPress Theme Version 2.0.7
Themify Elegant WordPress Theme Version 1.9.1
Themify Elemin WordPress Theme Version 2.5.3
Themify Event WordPress Theme Version 2.1.7
Themify Flat WordPress Theme Version 3.0.9
Themify Flatshop WooCommerce Theme Version 2.3.9
Themify Float WordPress Theme Version 1.6.4
Themify Fullpane WordPress Theme Version 2.4.7
Themify Fullscreen WordPress Theme Version 2.3.2
Themify Funki WordPress Theme Version 2.4.8
Themify Grido WordPress Theme Version 2.3.8
Themify Infinite WordPress Theme Version 1.7.6
Themify Landing WordPress Theme Version 1.8.8
Themify Magazine WordPress Theme Version 2.2.5
Themify Metro WordPress Theme Version 2.5.7
Themify Minblr WordPress Theme Version 2.4.9
Themify Minshop WooCommerce Theme Version 2.5.7
Themify Music WordPress Theme Version 2.2.2
Themify Notes WordPress Theme Version 2.2.1
Themify Parallax WordPress Theme Version 2.7.9
Themify Peak WordPress Theme Version 1.6.8
Themify Phototouch WordPress Theme Version 2.2.7
Themify Pinboard WordPress Theme Version 3.5.4
Themify Pinshop WooCommerce Theme Version 2.6.6
Themify Postline WordPress Theme Version 2.3.9
Themify Responz WordPress Theme Version 2.3.4
Themify Shopdock WooCommerce Theme Version 2.5.9
Themify Shoppe WordPress Theme Version 1.7.8
Themify Simfo WordPress Theme Version 2.3.6
Themify Split WordPress Theme Version 1.9.8
Themify Stack WordPress Theme Version 1.9.8
Themify Suco WordPress Theme Version 2.4.5
Themify Thememin WordPress Theme Version 2.6.8
Themify Tisa WordPress Theme Version 2.3.6
Themify Ultra WordPress Theme Version 2.6.6
Themify Wumblr WordPress Theme Version 2.5.9
Thrive Themes Focusblog WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Ignition WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Luxe WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Minus WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Performag WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Pressive WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Rise WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Squared WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Storied WordPress Theme Version 1.411
Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme Version 1.411

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Premium WordPress Plugins

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Drag Drop Version 4.2
MainWP Favorites Extension Version 4.0.2
MemberPress WordPress Plugin Version 1.8.0
Project Huddle WordPress Plugin Version 3.8.9
Themify Builder AB Image Addon Version 1.2.0
Themify Builder Infinite Posts Addon Version 1.1.4
Themify Builder Slider Pro Addon Version 1.3.9
Themify Builder WooCommerce Addon Version 1.4.0
Thrive Themes Apprentice Plugin Version 2.2.8
Thrive Themes Architect Plugin / Visual Editor Plugin Version 2.4.7
Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin Version 1.49
Thrive Themes Comments Plugin Version 1.3.6
Thrive Themes Headline Optimizer Plugin Version 1.2.2
Thrive Themes Leads Plugin Version 2.2.8
Thrive Themes Optimize Plugin Version 1.3.5
Thrive Themes Ovation Plugin Version 2.2.5
Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin Version 2.2.8
Thrive Themes Ultimatum Plugin Version 2.2.7
Ultimate Addons for Elementor Version 1.21.1
WooCommerce 360 Image Version 1.1.12
WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Version 1.7.18
WooCommerce Advanced Notifications Version 1.2.19
WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation Extension Version 1.4.19
WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage Version 2.1.16
WooCommerce Anti Fraud Version 2.7.0
WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Method Version 2.4.18
WooCommerce Box Office Version 1.1.16
WooCommerce Branding Version 1.0.22
WooCommerce Brands Version 1.6.12
WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Method Version 2.5.12
WooCommerce Cart Add-ons Version 1.5.24
WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Version 1.5.27
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments Version 1.7.1
WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns and Tracking Version 1.1.9
WooCommerce Deposits Version 1.4.16
WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping Version 1.0.16
WooCommerce Drip Integration Version 1.2.17
WooCommerce Email Customizer Version 1.1.13
WooCommerce EU VAT Number Version 2.3.17
WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method Version 3.4.25
WooCommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping Version 2.0.10
WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons Version 2.4.2
WooCommerce FreshDesk Version 1.1.20
WooCommerce Give Products Version 1.1.6
WooCommerce Memberships Teams Version 1.2.2
WooCommerce Min Max Quantities Version 2.4.13
WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription Version 2.5.4
WooCommerce Order Barcodes Version 1.3.14
WooCommerce Order Delivery Version 1.6.4
WooCommerce Photography Version 1.0.20
WooCommerce Points and Rewards Version 1.6.27
WooCommerce Pre Orders Version 1.5.21
WooCommerce Product Addons Version 3.0.21
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Version 1.10.31
WooCommerce Product Finder Version 1.2.10
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Version 1.15.2
WooCommerce Product Vendors Version 2.1.23
WooCommerce Products Compare Version 1.0.17
WooCommerce Purchase Order Payment Gateway Version 1.2.6
WooCommerce Quick View Version 1.2.6
WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests Version 1.9.7
WooCommerce Review For Discount Version 1.6.11
WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Version 2.5.20
WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro Version 1.2.14
WooCommerce Sales Report Email Version 1.1.11
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Version 1.6.18
WooCommerce Shipping Per Product Version 2.3.5
WooCommerce Slack Version 1.1.16
WooCommerce Snapscan Gateway Version 1.1.7
WooCommerce Software Add-On Version 1.7.11
WooCommerce Splash Popup Version 1.2.12
WooCommerce Stamps.com API Integration Version 1.3.14
WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download Version 1.0.19
WooCommerce Store Credit Version 3.0.5
WooCommerce Subscriptions Downloads Version 1.1.21
WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 3.0.1
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Version 3.0.19
WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method Version 3.2.19
WooCommerce USPS Shipping Version 4.4.36
WooCommerce WooSlider Products Slideshow Version 1.0.16
YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews Premium Version 1.6.8
YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers Premium Version 1.1.15
YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium Version 2.1.11
YITH WooCommerce Checkout Manager Version 1.3.6
YITH WooCommerce Compare Premium Version 2.3.18
YITH WooCommerce Frontend Manager Premium Version 1.6.5
YITH Woocommerce Order Tracking Version 1.6.1
YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Version 1.7.1
YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications Premium Version 1.3.6