Updates – 30 Jan 2017

Hello & Greetings of the day,

We have updated the following products

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Premium WordPress Plugins

Soliloquy WordPress Plugin Version
Soliloquy Carousel Addon Version 2.2.1
Soliloquy CSS Addon Version 2.2.0
Soliloquy Defaults Addon Version 2.1.1
Soliloquy Dynamic Addon Version 2.3.1
Soliloquy Featured Content Addon Version 2.4.1
Soliloquy Instagram Addon Version 2.2.1
Soliloquy Lightbox Addon Version 2.3.0
Soliloquy Pinterest Addon Version 2.2.0
Soliloquy Protection Addon Version 1.1.0
Soliloquy Schedule Addon Version 2.3.0
Soliloquy Themes Addon Version 2.2.0
Soliloquy Thumbnails Addon Version 2.3.2
Soliloquy WooCommerce Addon Version 1.1.1
Formidable Forms WordPress Plugin Version 2.02.10
Formidable Forms AWeber Addon Version 2.01
Formidable Forms Bootstrap Addon Version 1.01.04
Formidable Forms Highrise Addon Version 1.06
Formidable Forms Locations Addon Version 2.01
Formidable Forms MailChimp Addon Version 1.06
Formidable Forms Math Captcha Addon Version 1.14
Formidable Forms Payment Addon Version 2.04.02
Formidable Forms Registration Addon Version 1.11.09
Formidable Forms Signature field Addon Version 1.09
Formidable Forms Twilio Addon Version 1.06
Formidable Forms Upload Importer Addon Version 1.0.01
Formidable Forms Multilingual Addon Version 1.03.03
Formidable Forms Zapier Addon Version 1.02
SearchWP WordPress Plugin Version 2.8.6
SearchWP bbPress Integration Version 1.2.4
SearchWP Boolean Query Version 1.3.0
SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration Version 1.0.0
SearchWP Diagnostics Version 1.4.1
SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration Version 1.6.0
SearchWP Dutch Stemmer Version 1.2.2
SearchWP EDD Integration Version 1.0.0
SearchWP Exclude UI Version 1.1.0
SearchWP Fuzzy Matches Version 1.4.3
SearchWP German Stemmer Version 1.0.1
SearchWP Greek Stemmer Version 1.0.1
SearchWP HeroThemes Integration Version 1.0.0
SearchWP LIKE Terms Version
SearchWP Live Ajax Search Version 1.1.8
SearchWP Polylang Integration Version 1.2.0
SearchWP PrivateContent Integration Version 1.2.0
SearchWP Shortcodes Version 1.5.3
SearchWP Swedish Stemmer Version 1.0.1
SearchWP Term Archive Priority Version 1.1.3
SearchWP Term Highlight Version 2.0.13
SearchWP Term Synonyms Version 2.4.7
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration Version 1.1.10
SearchWP WP Document Revisions Integration Version 1.0.0
SearchWP WP Job Manager Integration Version 1.5.7
SearchWP WPML Integration Version 1.3.0
SearchWP Xpdf Integration Version 1.1.1
WP Job Manager Alerts Version 1.4.1
WP Job Manager Application Deadline Version 1.1.5
WP Job Manager Applications Version 2.2.3
WP Job Manager Apply with Facebook Version 1.0.2
WP Job Manager Apply with XING Version 1.1.0
WP Job Manager Bookmarks Version 1.2.1
WP Job Manager Career Builder Integration Version 1.0.5
WP Job Manager Claim Listing Version 3.0.0
WP Job Manager Extended Location Version 3.0.0
WP Job Manager Field Editor Version 1.6.4
WP Job Manager Indeed Integration Version 2.1.11
WP Job Manager Job Tags Version 1.3.8
WP Job Manager Products Version 1.3.0
WP Job Manager Resume Manager Version 1.15.1
WP Job Manager Reviews Version 1.4.0
WP Job Manager Simple Paid Listings Version 1.2.1
WP Job Manager Stats Version 2.1.0
WP Job Manager Visibility Version 1.1.0
WP Job Manager WooCommerce Paid Listings Version 2.7.1
WP Job Manager ZipRecruiter Integration Version 1.0.0